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If you are looking for a tire free from flats, free from maintenance and free from down time, look no further. Carefree Tires are solid, lightweight tires designed to replace pneumatic tires on slow moving equipment and eliminate flats forever. Made using an innovative manufacturing process, Carefree Tires are extremely tough yet flexible to provide an air-cushioned ride without adding significant weight. Their outer skin provides excellent resistance to abrasion, cutting, punctures, and chemical attack, while the dense core reduces rolling resistance (easier to push) and allows for greater shock absorption. As a result, not only will a Carefree Tire last up to ten times longer than a similar pneumatic tire, it never requires air.

While Carefree Tire is a world leader in OEM supply of micro-cellular polyurethane tires and complete wheel assemblies you can find our superior tires at numerous retail outlets and tire dealers across the country. Carefree Tire has the ability to manufacture custom tire and wheel solutions and offers dozens of off-the-shelf tires and assemblies to fit the needs of numerous industries. From landscapers, delivery drivers, farmers and construction workers to your neighbour down the street; for over 30 years Carefree Tire has helped Canada go flat free.

"We have been using Carefree Tire from Mersinco for over 15 years! With 20 of them on each mower, our customers are happy that they never have to worry about an uneven cut due to a flat tire."                                                                                                                                                                             

                                                                                                    Rob Janmaat, Mechanical Engineer, Progressive Turf Equipment

Toe to Toe: It has a Better Footprint

As the world leader in OEM supply of micro-cellular polyurethane tires and complete wheel assemblies Carefree Tire is at the forefront of the solid tire industry, proving its superiority through several tests that includes Dynamic Load, Shock Absorption and Roll Force. In each instance Carefree Tire comes out on top of other solid and pneumatic tires making it Canada's industrial tire of choice. 





NOTE: Carefree Tires are not recommended to be used in the following applications: brush cutting mowers or                any type of P.T.O. driven equipment such as finishing mowers and those pulled by tractors.

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