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TyrLyner is a cured urethane liner that is bonded to the inner surface of a tire casing to seal punctures and cuts while providing a balanced, uniform thickness of self-healing material and maintain the ride of a pneumatic tire.

Installed into almost any pneumatic tire, it has proven 99% effective in preventing flats due to punctures up to 1/4" in diameter. Lining thickness in the tread area is no less than 1/4" and tapers off in the mid-sidewall . It adds no more than 10% to the weight of the tire and can still be filled with calcium chloride or an antifreeze ballast solution without affecting the liner. 

Seals up to 1/4" diameter punctures.

Lasts for the life of the tire.

Works for tires at speeds up to 80 kph.

TireLiner Flyer 2017.jpg


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