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Specifically designed for tires on large-scale irrigation systems, TyrFil360 is a lightweight urethane solution to the "Pivot Tire Blues". Weighing 1/5 of our traditional TyrFil material, TyrFil360 maintains the light touch of a pneumatic tire while eliminating the flats and roll-offs that plague pneumatic pivot tires. 

Successfully tested over and above the industry standard, TyrFil 360 withstands the speed, weight and terrain of the AG world. If you want to maintain minimum rutting, prevent flats and bring some consistency to your irrigation duties, choose TyrFil 360 and scratch those Pivot Tire Blues off your list.

Tyrfil 360 -Checklist.jpg
TF360 Brochure Pic.jpg


TyrFil 360 Acella Green Fill 2017.jpg


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