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TLC Tire & Rim Protection extends the life of your tires and wheels. Plain and simple. With TLC, you can be confident that your wheels will be protected from rust and corrosion while helping your tires run up to 20 degrees cooler within the harshest of working conditions - including those Canadian winters! Our patented liquid formulas have 20% more active ingredients than the competition, which means TLC coats better, withstands colder temperatures and allows for easier wheel mounting/dismounting. Helping with early detection of potentially dangerous cracked wheels and sidewalls, TLC can boost your safety rating and ultimately reduce your costs for the most expensive part of owning OTR equipment; the tires and wheels they run on. 

Watch to see how TLC promotes safety, reduces downtime and extends the life of your OTR tires and rims.


Better detection of bead and sidewall leaks!


Without TLC

  • Rusty wheel and components

  • Reduced hours for wheel and tires

  • Added downtime and operation costs

  • Safety hazard

TLC HT (20° F / -7° C)

TLC PRO (0° F / 18° C)

TLC EXTREME (-20° F / -29° C)

TLC TUNDRA (-40° F / -40° C)

Formulas for Every Environment


No matter what the average operating ambient temperature, there is a TLC product specifically formulated to perform from lows of -40° F to +20° F (-40° C to -6° C) giving you the most comprehensive line of conditioner formulas on the market.

With TLC

  • Clean wheels reduces labour

  • Increased hours for wheel and tires

  • Reduced downtime and operating costs

  • Increased Safety

* For international markets, TLC formulas are also available in a concentrate.




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