Summer of the Staycation!

It's the summer of staying local and flying nowhere. This leaves road trips and Canada is the place to do them. But you can't get anywhere in a car without tires; those black beauties are your tickets to a paradise. Here are a few tips to make sure they are ready to roll for each outing:

Make sure they are at the correct PSI - tires wear faster and uneven when they are under or over inflated. Get an air gauge for an accurate reading. Not sure what PSI to fill them? A label on the inside of the driver's side door usually will tell you.

Make sure you have a spare - new cars will. old cars may not. Double check and replace your spare if already used.

Learn to change a tire - CAA is a wonderful organization, but at the peak it might take hours for a service call. be ready for a flat and make sure you have all the tools and training to swap out that donut if need be.

Re-torque - it is rare that any tire's mounting nuts will loosen on their own but better safe than sorry. Almost all tires shops offer a free tightening of your lug nuts; stop in and have piece of mind in 2 minutes.

The list is long of important supplies for a road trip, but don't ignore the thing that will get you there. Grab you license, snacks, GPS and luggage; and give your car (and tires) the once over. You'll be happy you did.

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